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At Pontefract we recognise the importance of building a sustainable business and are taking important steps in an effort to reduce the racecourse’s impact on the local environment.


  • We’ve partnered with a local waste management company who remove all our waste to a sorting depot. There, they sort through this waste and make sure that EVERYTHING which can be recycled, is.
  • We have ample recycling bins on site for racedays and non-racedays
  • All of our marketing literature has been printed on FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) paper. This ensures that the supply of the paper is from a replenished source and is eco friendly
  • In 2020 we switched to e-tickets which drastically reduced our paper and postage


  • We are eliminating the use of single use plastics, banning plastic straws and stirrers. While we haven’t found the perfect solution yet, we can guarantee that ALL of the plastic cups currently used at Pontefract are 100% recyclable and are NOT sent to landfill.
  • More vegan/vegetarian options are becoming readily available.
  • Our caterers at CGC have taken some big steps to become more environmentally friendly. As much produce is sourced locally, thereby reducing their carbon footprint of their transport. They use recyclable packaging where possible to ensure that, not only is their product of the highest quality, but the way in which it is served is environmentally responsible.

Water and Electricity

  • Our buildings use water saving devices in toilets – taps and urinals are on a push control system
  • All power and heating in certain stands is turned off during the winter months and revived when the racing season begins

Pontefract Park

  • Our irrigation pumps have been upgraded to ensure that there is no wastage of water when maintaining the Racecourse.
  • As part of the WMDC’s plan to plant 240 hectares of woodland, the golf course behind the Racecourse will be planted with 17,500 trees!